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Timberframing is an old english technique, used in thousand years old churches and also boats. In Timberframing, large wood is joined without nails, only using wooden pegs, the most common join being a mortise and tennon. The Timberframe revival started in America in the 70's, and nowadays Timberframe houses are built again all over the world, bringing together traditional techniques with modern architecture.

Timberframe houses

Timberframes are built from whole wood, usually quite large beams that we source locally. The frame is created by hand in our workshop and can be erected quite quickly on site.

Precise work, and test fitting in the workshop, make for a very smooth raising process and allow to go from foundation to finished roof in a very short time.

Precise joins (mortise and tennon)

The diagram shows the most common join, a mortise and tennon. In this join, the tennon, created on one side, is inserted into the mortise (the hole) on the other side. The join is secured with wooden pins.

Using this and other joins we create beautiful, strong and long lasting structures that are both functional and ecological.

Solutions for many needs

The Timberframe can be used for many other structures, not just houses. Terasses, outhouses, greehouses and garages can all be created as timberframe structures.

From design to execution

EcoFrameHouse will help you all the way from inception to execution. If you have an idea of a pergola, balcony or other project, we will help with the design of the structure - and make it come true. Feel free to contact us!

Try yourself

The tool that you find behind the link below let's you plan timberframes. You can change the size and amount of posts, and also change the kind of roof trusses. All in all it can give you a good idea of how a timberframe will look in your project, and also give a rough idea of price for it.
Try it out!

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