We build gorgeous, ecological spaces for good living. Building a home is a multi faceted process. We provide professional design and complete building services.

Wooden structures are a natural and ecological choice, especially in Finland. The timber-frame technique is a perfect evolution of the traditional block-house technique, to achieve much better insulation while still being completely wood based. Hand made joinery creates a unique and stylish appearance to to your home. The style can be adapted for modern or traditional look.


Hand made timberframes are a beautiful, affordable and ecological way to build. Other than houses, the techique can also be used to create terraces, green-houses, garages or balconies. Big wood with hand made joins is always beautiful to look at.

With your ideas, and our skill, we can create a unique and ecological house, or other wooded structure.


In our workshop we can create the finishing touches with interior items such as stairs, doors, cupboards, tables and more.