Handcrafted ecological homes


EcoFrameHouse builds ecological, unique and sustainable houses.
Handcrafted timberframes are the load bearing structure of an eco frame house.
In the traditional english Timberframe technique large wood is joined without the use of metal.

Ecological House

EcoFrameHouse is built completely from natural materials, diffusion open, and very well insulated. The core structure, the timberframe, is made from large whole timber, and around it a light, but thick, insulation layer keeps the house warm. Since all materials are wood based (wood, paper etc, no plastic), the air is clean and healthy.

We have developed the EcoFrameHouse concept from years of building experience, to unite both traditional techiques and materials, with modern high standards. The visible timberframe on the inside gives the house a solid feel and beautiful look. While the unbroken thick insulation layer (no cold bridges) gives the house outstanding thermal qualities. This in turn means a lovely warm feeling inside, and very low heating costs.

Timberframe structure

Timberframe is an old english technique of making structural joins on large timber. The technique has been used to build houses and churches, some of which are almost a thousand years old. The main join of the technique is the tennon and mortise join, in which the tennon is inserted into the mortise and secured by wooden pegs. Metal, like screws, nails or brackets are not used. The joins are excuted very precisely using a mix of power and hand-tools, and test fitted in the workshop for tight fit.
A frame that may take many weeks, even months to craft, may be assembled on site in one or two days.

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Thick insulation layer

Since the timberframe is the structure of the house, the insulation layer does not need to carry the house. Thus it can be very lightweight and cost effective and provide a relatively large space for insulation, creating almost a passive house. Among the ecologic blown insulations available the most popular are paper based Ekovilla, or wood-fiber based Hunton. The diffusion barrier used in both cases in paper based, not plastic.

Since the insulation is completely outside the frame, the beautiful timberframe stays completely visible on the inside. The outer cladding can be any kind of wood panneling. Also the inside surfaces may be clad with wood panelling, but also other board solutions may be used, including eg. clay finishes.

We source as much of the wood as possible locally from sustainable forests.


The resulting house is ecological, beautiful and very energy efficient. The frame gives the space a very unique feel, that can be tailored to look more traditional or modern depending on finish.

From design to execution

EcoFrameHouse will help you all the way from inception to execution. If you have not found an architect, we can help you. We know the engineers and neccessary steps to get your dream house onto paper and realized.

Try yourself

The tool that you find behind the link below let's you plan an EcoFrameHouse. You can change the width and length, amount of posts, and change the angle of the roof. All in all it can give you a good idea of how an EcoFrameHouse will be built for your project.
Try it out!

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